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Angie Keilhauer
Ron and Craig interviewed Angie from the voice!
Megan Heidelberg
Ron and Criag interviewed Megan from scene on seven
Michael Franzese
Ron and Craig interview with Michael Franzese

Meet Ron & Craig. Both met doing comedy improv together, now a radio show.
Where politics meets comedy, every Friday from 3 to 5 pm on Travelers Rest SC radio station 1580wdab, listen from anywhere in the world on the tunein radio app on iPhone, iPad or tablet at 1580wdab! Also check our website, Facebook and twitter for repost of any shows you miss.


From Travelers Rest South Carolina, its the Ron and Craig Political Party Show every Friday from 3 to 5 pm eastern time on Travelers Rest radio station using the free Radio Tune in app 1580wdab from your iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc. We are on twitter at Ron and Craig Show and their email is You can advertise your business on their show, sponsor a show, share ideas, questions or info for their show. Just contact them. Thanks for being apart of our new radio show. We can’t do it without you : )